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Operational finance review

Three Step Process designed to provide an organization with input regarding their finances and provide the customer with an opportunity to choose the outputs they need for their business.  The assessment is a two-week engagement with one week on-site.  The outputs are priced based on projected hours to develop.

Step 1P&L Assessment 

Cost of Goods Sold Review ->  Industry Margin Comparison
Sales, General and Administrative -> Industry Comparison
Fixed versus Variable Overhead Assessment

Step 2Balance Sheet

 • Leverage Ratios

Step 3Cash Flow

Terms and Accounts Payable
Terms and Receivables

 Available Outputs

Contribution Margin Model – Variable P&L, very useful when quoting manufacturing business 
Fixed Cost Burden Assessment – Goes with the Contribution Model; TTL Fixed cost as % of sales and units
Quoting Tool – Using the Contribution P&L + the Fixed Cost Burden assessment create a tool to quote all items
13 Week Cash Flow model – Forward looking view on cash available for the business and planned spending
Cash to Cash Cycle Time – From Cash “Out” to Cash “In” cash turnover model.
Supplier Spending Cube – To whom do you spend your money with and when.
Cost Savings Opportunities – Further assessment of labor inputs and other expenses; both OCOGS and SG&A