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Manufacturing process improvement

Manufacturing is complicated. Manufacturing is expensive. Manufacturing is exhausting.

To support business growth an operation must be scalable, and efficient. An efficient manufacturing operation protects its employees and provides a safe work environment, produces quality products ALL THE TIME without excessive inspection, produces the product needed when the customer wants it and does so in a way that your business makes money.

If this does not sound like your operation, we will fix that!

Safety Program Development and Deployment – We will help you develop a top-down process focused on engagement, and you will see a reduction in incidents, lost time and recordables. 

Process Quality Control and Assurance – We will build quality into your production processes, identify failure points for inspection, and build long term testing protocols to guarantee product quality   

Production Planning and Attainment – We will design planning processes tied to the cadence of your customer. Reduce inventory of finished goods and improve your service 

Productivity and Manufacturing Costs – We will assess the actual fabrication processes you are using and apply lean principles to reduce your total cost and increase output

Business Solutions -> Delivered