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distribution & logistics improvement

Distribution and logistics form the backbone of effective customer service, and it is often also the largest expense for a business. So, what are you doing to drive improvement? Where do you even start?

Our consultants will get results using our four-step improvement flow. 

Our experience shows us you must focus on product flow and logistics to improve an operation. What does that mean?

Product Flow Analysis —> How efficiently does a product enter, stow, and exit your facility? This is what we call VELOCITY. It is the critical measurement for a distribution operation. Once defined and measured you can be compared to other distributors and unlock insights into your own operation. Our advisors will help every step of the way!

Logistics Assessment —> How efficient is the transport of goods to and from your facility?  We will complete an assessment of your current logistics operations, document your domestic logistics footprint, introduce measurements, make improvement recommendations, and assist with implementation.


Four - Step Improvement Flow

Project Example – Distribution

Automated Receiving System

Specified, identified and then implemented automated receive and sort system to accommodate container offloading of mixed SKUs (up to 120 SKUs)

Count and receive software – PO FIFO

Auto palletize system – 12,500 different TI-HI’s

Eliminated $1.25M in annual labor expense and improved inventory accuracy

Project Example – Distribution

Scan, Label Apply, and Manifest

eCommerce and parcel fulfillment solution capable of handling 20,000 packages daily

Automated API feedback with all parcel carriers, automated dimensional weight system created “hands-free” flow

Improved freight expense – exactness

Eliminated $0.75M in annual labor and increased on-time performance for parcel service to 100%

Project Example – Distribution

Directed Put-Away and Single Aisle Simultaneous Zone Picking

Hard allocation of pallets triggered by receipt; placed closest to pick bin

Replenishment triggered in waves based on open slotting

Single Aisle One-piece flow picking based on Outbound Order demand – Sort to palletize and complete

Reduced total picking process labor (put-away, picking, replenishment) by 40%, $1.75M

Reduced total leased vehicle fleet from 57 to 24; saving another $0.40k every year

Project Example – Logistics

Freight Integration – LTL/TL

Developed integrated freight management process for all inbound freight across the world.

Integrated 3rd party portal “RATELINX” with SAP, Oracle, and many other ERPs

Automated commercial paperwork

Partnered with RATELINX to Increase tariff discounts and save 5% on domestic LTL freight

Project Example – Logistics

Inbound Freight Savings

Volume shipper from multiple foreign ports to multiple US ports

Negotiated landed freight savings with NVOCCs and with Steam Ship Lines

Used Ocean Shipping process flow and broker assistance to automate activity under one roof

Saved $1.2M annually

Project Example – Logistics

Logistics Footprint Analysis

Develop heat map considering all OB freight modes for $500M revenue retail distributor

Calculate miles travelled for each shipping type (Pre-Pay, Pre-Pay + ADD, Collect, etc…).

Layout and cost new alignment to minimize freight expense and fixed overhead.

Created implementation plan to support client; saved $5.5M in annual expense