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distribution & logistics improvement

Distribution and logistics form the backbone of effective customer service. Your ability to service customers in an efficient and effective way is directly correlated to your business growth. It is often also the largest expense for a business. So, what are you doing to drive improvement? Where do you even start?

That is where our four-step approach is proven to get results. Our consultants will define your processes, teach you how to measure them, evaluate and propose opportunities for improvement, and set up processes to manage the future state.

So specifically, where will we focus? Our experience shows us you must focus on product flow and logistics to improve an operation. What does that mean?

Product Flow Analysis —> How efficiently does a product enter, stow, and exit your facility? This is what we call VELOCITY. VELOCITY is the critical measurement for a distribution operation. Once defined and measured you can be easily compared to other distributors and unlock insights into your own operation. Our advisors will help every step of the way!

Logistics Assessment —> How efficient is the transport of goods to and from your facility? Smaller companies are often consumed by freight costs. We will complete an assessment of your current logistics operations, document your domestic logistics footprint, introduce measurements, make improvement recommendations, and assist with¬†implementation.