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Business Strategy Development & Deployment

To maximize growth an organization must know where they are going and have a shared fate/culture…Developing this is complicated and needs to be created using a repeatable process…For small businesses that is where Ellis Reid comes in…

Our experts will come in and lead you through our planning and execution process to put you on the path to business growth.

Strategy Planning Process:

Step 1 —> Mission and Vision
Step 2 —> Strengths Weaknesses Opportunities Threats (SWOT) Analysis
Step 3 —> Develop the core – KPIs, Targets, Objectives, Values, Practices, and Behaviors
Step 4 —> Gap Analysis – Current versus Mission and Vision

Strategy Execution Process

Step 1 —> SMART Goals deployment 
Step 2 —> Review Templates
Step 3 —> Stoplight reports/progress execution

Timing and Process:

Initial Assessment – 1 Week
Mission and Vision + SWOT Development – 1 Week
Building the Core + Defining the strategy – 1 Week
SMART Goal Deployment – 1 Week
Stoplight Reports/Progress – 1 Week


Clear path forward
Alignment from top to bottom of organization